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Need help? The information below will help you decide how best to find the help you need.



  • Self-Help Documentation: Our documentation covers everything from basic How-Tos up to more advanced concepts such as running MPI jobs or installing software.
  • Status Page: Check for know issues or maintenance windows here:
  • Accounts: Access to many RC and Informatics resources can be requested through the FASRC Portal: How Do I Get a FAS Research Computing Account?
    Additional information on signing up and qualifications can be found here.
  • Password Reset: Reset your password with our password reset tool by entering the email address associated with your account. Password resets are a common request and a special purpose tool has been setup to assist with this.
  • Instruments/SPINAL: For information on how to use and access SPINAL, see documentation here.
  • Office Hours
    We hold virtual office hours once a week (Wednesday, except during holidays or downtimes) . The Zoom link (Harvard Key login required) and current schedule can be found on our Office Hours page.
  • Create a Help Ticket:
    If our documentation does not cover your question or issue, please send us a help ticket and we’ll do our best to respond as quickly as possible.

    • Portal: Submit a ticket via the RC Ticket page (login required) for other cluster-related issues not covered by the above. Comments and attachments can be submitted from the web page and outstanding tickets can be reviewed.
    • Email: Alternately, you can submit a ticket by sending an email to
    • Phone: If you have a voicemail number purporting to belong to us, this is incorrect. We do not offer phone support.

To help RC better help you, when submitting a ticket, be specific about the system and/or resource you’re having trouble with. A good guideline for your ticket description is to consider the who, what, where, when, and why of your problem. The more targeted your description, the faster RC can diagnose and resolve the issue.

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