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Adding additional lab groups or cluster access


If you already have a FAS RC account (Note: multiple accounts are not allowed) and need to request membership in an additional lab group, the following will explain how to do so.

Your account can belong to multiple groups, with your PI/sponsor’s lab group being your primary. If you need to submit jobs  under different labs groups you belong to, see: How do I fairly manage dual/multiple lab affiliations for work on the FASRC cluster?


If you need to change your  primary PI/sponsor to another lab group, please see How do I change lab groups?.


Requesting additional groups for file access can be done via our Portal.

  1. Log into the Portal and select ‘Cluster Access’ on the left (or click here: )
  2. Two new links should appear on the left
    My Grants – Shows you all your current grants/memberships
    Add Grants – Lets you request new grants/memberships
  3. Find the grant you wish to add and select its check box. A window will pop up allowing you to Cancel or Request Selected.

After clicking Request Selected, an approval message will be sent to the group’s approver (usually the PI, their lab manager, admin, etc.)

Once they approve your request, you will receive a notification via email.

You can check the status of your request or the groups you currently have by clicking on the My Grants link at any time.

NOTE: If you will need to be able to run jobs under that secondary group’s fairshare, please send FASRC a ticket (via Portal or Email) asking to be added to the lab’s SLURM group. See managing dual/multiple lab affiliations for details on using switching fairshare affiliations on jobs.


If you did not initially request cluster login access, you can also use the procedure above to request Cluster Access. This will allow you to log into the cluster and submit jobs. Go to Add Grants, Click ‘Cluster’ (if it does not appear, then you already have cluster access) to select the ‘FASRC cluster access’ checkbox.

If you are trying to SSH into the cluster and are constantly asked for your password or get an error about your home directory, this is the cause.


For SPINAL access questions, please see: Instrument SignUp/SPINAL

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