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How do I add or change lab groups?

Each account is sponsored by a PI and belongs to that PI’s lab group as their primary group. If you need to change your primary lab affilation/group, the following information will help you do so.

Adding an Additional Lab Group

If you only need to add an additional lab group in order to use their resources, you can simply request membership in an additional lab group. Once approved by the PI/approver, you will be added to the group.

Your primary group will remain the same as will your primary SLURM (job/fairshare) group.

NOTE: If you will need to be able to run jobs under that secondary group’s fairshare, please send FASRC a ticket (via Portal or Email) asking to be added to the lab’s SLURM group. See managing dual/multiple lab affiliations for details on using switching fairshare affiliations on jobs.

Changing Your Primary Lab Group

If, instead, you have a new PI/lab and need to be added to their group and have that become your primary group and sponsor, you will need to:

  1. Request membership in the lab group via the FASRC Portal.
    Once approved by your new PI/sponsor you will be added to their group.
  2. Once you belong to the new group, send FASRC a ticket (via Portal or Email) explaining that you have been added to the new group and would like to have your primary group changed to the new lab.
    You should also indicate whether or not you should retain membership in your previous lab group.
  3. FASRC will contact your new PI for confirmation then change your primary group to your new lab group, change your sponsor to your new PI, and, unless otherwise noted, remove you from your previous lab group.

Please note that FASRC has no indication when people change lab groups and rely on the user or PI informing us and asking for this affiliation change.

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