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Starfish – Data Management

To scan and manage data on different filesystems, FASRC is using Starfish.

You need to be connected to the FASRC VPN to access Starfish. See VPN Setup for how to connect.

Starfish is a self-service tool. It is the user’s responsibility to obtain Lab’s data usage. A PI may also assign one or more lab members to access Starfish. Please tell us if you would like to name additional lab members to use Starfish.

Starfish Service URL Storage Servers holylfs04 (Tier0), holylfs05 (Tier0), holystore01, holylfs02, holy-isilon(Tier1), bos-isilon(Tier1), boslfs02 (Tier 0), holylabs

Note: If your lab has not requested access to starfish already, please reach out to us:

Starfish Features:

  • View all your lab data folders with basic statistics per folder (usage, owner, creation, last modified, last access data)
  • View access only to your lab’s data, using a zone.
  • Export basic statistics to a CSV file to share and offline review
  • Tagging of data based on project/owners
  • Summary of usage based on file extensions, users, and tags.


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