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Mathematica is a powerful computational software system that provides a comprehensive environment for technical computing. Developed by Wolfram Research, it offers a wide range of capabilities spanning symbolic and numerical computation, visualization, and programming. Mathematica’s symbolic engine allows for the manipulation of mathematical expressions, equations, and functions, making it particularly useful for tasks such as calculus, algebra, and symbolic integration. Its vast library of built-in functions covers various areas of mathematics, science, and engineering, enabling users to tackle diverse problems efficiently. Moreover, Mathematica’s interactive interface and high-level programming language facilitate the creation of custom algorithms and applications, making it an indispensable tool for researchers, educators, and professionals in countless fields.

Mathematica is available on the FASRC Cannon cluster as software modules. Currently, the following modules/versions are available:

mathematica/12.1.1-fasrc01 and mathematica/13.3.0-fasrc01


To start using Mathematica on the FASRC cluster, please look at the examples on our Users Code repository.


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