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Kempner Partitions


The Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence has their own purchased partition on the FASRC cluster.  These partitions are open to users affiliated with Kempner and their allocation is governed by the relative fairshare of each group. If yours is a Kempner-affiliated lab group, you can submit to the partition just as you would any other partition, no change of Slurm account is required.

A dashboard showing the relative allocations can be found here (RC VPN or Harvard network required).  The partition is the following:

  • kempner: This block of GPU’s contains 1280 Intel Ice Lake cores and 80 Nvidia A100 GPUs. Each node is water-cooled and contains 64 cores, 1TB of RAM, and 4 GPU’s. The nodes are interconnected with HDR Infiniband. This partition has a 3 day time limit.

For more information about Slurm partitions on the FAS RC cluster, please refer to the Running Jobs document.


Access to the partition is via membership in a existing lab group on the FASRC cluster which has been added to the kempner_users group. The list of member groups is determined by the Kempner Institute and then passed directly to FASRC. FASRC cannot modify this list without direction from the Kempner Institute.

  • For PIs who believe their lab should belong to kempner_users,  please contact the Kempner Institute via their contact page. Kempner will then inform FASRC of any lab groups to be added.
  • For individuals who believe they should have access but do not belong to a lab group with kempner_users membership, please contact Elise Porter via the Kempner Institute contact page.

Contact Information

To contact the Kempner Institute, please browse to their contact page.

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