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NOTE: You must belong to a SEAS PI lab to use the COMSOL license on the cluster (i.e. – being in enrolled in one or more SEAS classes is not sufficient – you must be a member of a SEAS lab group). If you are sponsored by a faculty member listed on the SEAS Faculty page but do not have seas group membership please fill out a RT Help Ticket.

Please follow the instructions located on the SEAS Comsol wiki for running Comsol on the FASRC cluster.

To check if you are part of the seas group when logged in to the cluster, use the id command:
[jharvard@holylogin01 ~]$ id
uid=21442(jharvard) gid=10483(jharvard_lab) groups=10483(jharvard_lab),40227(mcfee_lab),403212(cluster_users_2),34739(seas)

NOTE: FASRC and SEAS do not provide or support the desktop version of COMSOL.

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