Starfish – Data Management

To scan and manage data on different filesystems, FASRC is using Starfish. We have 2 different Starfish servers to scan our storage servers and the information is below:

Starfish Service URL Storage Servers  holylfs04 (Tier0), holylfs05 (Tier0), holystore01  holylfs02, holy-isilon(Tier1), bos-isilon(Tier1), boslfs02 (Tier 0)

Note: If your lab has not requested access to starfish already, please reach out to us:


Starfish Features:

  • View of all your lab data folders with basic statistics per folder (usage, owner, creation, last modified, last access data)
  • View access only to your lab’s data, using a zone.
  • Export basic statistics to a CSV file to share and offline review
  • Tagging of data based on project/owners
  • Summary of usage based on file extensions, users, and tags.


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