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Connecting with WinSCP

While it is somewhat less forgiving that its command line sibling, WinSCP can be used to connect to the FASRC cluster.

Note: The following instructions show version 5.21

Create Login Site Entry

You will first need to create a new Login entry.

Protocol: SCP
Host Name:
Port: 22
Username: Your FASRC username (no @fas)
Password: Leave blank so that you are prompted

Change Authentication Options

Before saving, click the Advanced button

In the Advanced settings, un-check “Attempt authentication using Pageant”
Attempt Keyboard Interactive
and Respond with a password to the first prompt should be checked

Connect – Password Prompt

Click OK and then click Save.

Click Login on your new entry. You should see a prompt like the following.
Enter your FASRC password.

Connect – Two-Factor Prompt

You should then be prompted for your OpenAuth two-factor code.

Click OK.

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