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Using Spyder

The following may be incorrect after June 9, 2023

Spyder is available through Anaconda Navigator on the FAS-RC Remote Desktop application on the Open OnDemand dashboard. To access it:

  • go to the VDI dashboard at (or if you are working on FASSE)
  • start a new Remote Desktop session
  • connect to the Remote Desktop session
  • open a Terminal in the Remote Desktop session and load the relevant Anaconda module. Check for the most up-to-date modules.
    • Examples:
    • if you’re working with Python 2, type the following:
      • module load Anaconda/5.0.1-fasrc02
    • if you’re working with Python 3, type the following:
      • module load Anaconda3/2020.11
  • type the following:
    • anaconda-navigator
  • when Anaconda Navigator loads, you may choose to remain in the “base” environment, or load your preferred environment from the “Applications on” dropdown, or create a new environment using the Environments tab to the left.
  • when you are in the environment you need, click the Launch button under the icon for Spyder.

Screenshots of the process:

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