Temporary Class Accounts

Classes in the FAS, SEAS and HCSPH which make use of the cluster in their course work can request temporary accounts for students. These accounts, while temporary, allow full access to the cluster and its installed software.

PIs or TFs running these classes should contact us as early as possible to start the process.
Please Note: We require at least one week‘s lead time after receipt of the roster for setting up accounts, groups, etc.
Storage and/or software needs may require additional time.

You do not necessarily need your enrollment list to get things started (but it helps). Please send us the following by creating a new ticket at portal.rc.fas.harvard.edu (or email rchelp@rc.fas.harvard.edu):

  • What is the course or special class?
  • Which school and department?
  • Who is the faculty sponsor?
  • Who is the lead/technical contact (if not PI)?
  • When are the meeting times for the class?
  • When are the meeting times for the labs (if applicable)?
  • When will the students begin using the accounts?
  • When should the accounts expire (default: 90 days from above date)?
  • Does the class require any special software?
  • Will the class require additional cluster resources?
  • Will you need access to scratch space?
  • Will you need additional non-scratch space?
  • Would you like someone from FASRC to provide a live intro to cluster use? (see below)

For all accounts which will access the cluster, completion of our online training is required. Alternately, we are very happy to attend a session with the class and present the live version of the Intro to Cluster Computing training. Please let us know your preference when contacting us.

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