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Temporary Class Accounts

Due to the shared nature of the FASRC cluster and accounts system, coursework and classes cannot be accommodated on the main FASRC cluster. We are unable to honor FERPA blocks and similar requirements on the FASRC cluster. Such information (names, usernames, etc.) is not visible outside the cluster, but it is potentially visible to other users on the shared cluster.

Classes in the FAS, SEAS and HCSPH can, however, use FAS-OnDemand, a cluster which is very similar to the FASRC cluster but is dedicated to supporting academic coursework. Students can access this cluster directly from a link on the Canvas page of your course, and connect to an interactive computing portal (a dedicated instance of OpenOnDemand) which allows to run interactive computation, like Jupyter notebooks, Rstudio or Remote Desktop sessions, or to submit batch computation. Accounts are generated on the fly the first time a student connects from Canvas to FAS-OnDemand.

Any instructor who is interested in using FAS-OnDemand to run Jupyter notebooks or RStudio, should refer to this page to request access for their class.

Instructors who, in addition to Jupyter or Rstudio, also need access to different applications on FAS-OnDemand, should submit a request to fasondemand @ .


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