About Usernames

When connecting to FASRC resources, you will use the username you chose when signing up for your account.

Your FASRC Unix username does not contain any symbols, and is not your email address/Harvard Key. It contains only letters and possibly numbers. For example: jharvard is a username, while jharvard@harvard.edu is not.


So, for example, when you log into VDI or our Portal you will use your FASRC username and password. Like:

Username: jharvard
Password: *********

When you SSH to a cluster login login node you will use your FASRC username, password, and two-factor code. Like:

ssh jharvard@login.rc.fas.harvard.edu (The @ here signifies what node to connect to. It’s not a part of your username.)
Verification code:

NOTE: You will NOT see any dots or typing in the Password or Verification Code fields when you  SSH.


There are some exceptions:

  1. When connecting to the FASRC VPN, you will need to use your username + a VPN realm name. That realm name is almost always @fasrc unless you access a different realm for your work (for example, if you are in the NCF you will use @fasse).
    Example: User jharvard would connect to the VPN as jharvard@fasrc
  2. When connecting to a lab share via Samba (aka SMB, CIFS, ‘mapped drive’), you may need to prefix your username with our Samba domain name. See the following doc for more information on mapping shares: Mounting Storage on Desktop or Laptop
  3. When resetting your password, you will use your email address to request a password reset. This is the only place where your email address is used.



If a system requires your Harvard Key/Email address, that will be made clear in the login form details.