Data Sharing Tools

The FASRC cluster and its storage is intended to facilitate live research and data.  FASRC storage, including Tier 3 tape, is not archival and not permanent.

For example, should your or your PI leave Harvard, that storage will not be maintained.  It is also generally unsuitable for sharing data beyond other cluster groups or small groups of collaborators.

Transfer Data Externally

Please see our Transferring Data Externally doc for information and options for transferring data to an external user or system.

Sharing In Publications


The preferred method for sharing and linking data for a publication or other outside audient is to use Harvard Dataverse.

Dataverse is considered archival, can handle data sets up to 1TB in size, and provides a long-term link which can be used in your publication.

Dataverse also has support for creating a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).


If your dataset is greater than 1TB, your best option is sharing via Globus.

Please be aware that Globus linking is not permanent nor archival. It is suitable in the short-term for newly published work, but is not suitable for long-term or permanent linking.

It is also dependent on the underlying storage not changing, moving, or being decommissioned, and the sharing user’s account remaining active.

If you need more permanent linking for such a dataset, please contact the Dataverse team to discuss or consider paid storage with an outside vendor (AWS, Google, etc.)

Other Types of Information/Items

For depositing other types of works beyond data sets, please see the Library’s DASH system: