How to read your Storage Service Center bill


If you have received a monthly storage bill from the FASRC Storage Service Center, this document will help you to understand its contents. Please bear in mind that the bill may show a lot more information than you expected, however other labs may need these details to help them correctly route charges to the correct projects or billing codes.

Storage allocations are billed monthly and are based on the total size of the allocation(s). A lab with a single 16TB allocation on Tier 0, for example, has a total allocation cost of $800 per year [at the time of this writing]. That lab will pay 1/12 of that total amount each month, so approximately $66.66 each month*.

Additionally, the billing system provides a breakdown of usage by users. This includes any user with data in your storage and may include disabled users (see note below). Please note that while this breakdown shows a dollar amount per user and a 33-digit string attached, those values are solely for your information. These values are useful for labs who need to charge back or split costs for projects/grants and/or determine who is using what percentage of their allocation.

Please Note:  FASRC does not police lab storage and, as such, we do not remove data from your storage unless asked to by a PI or lab manager. Each lab is responsible for the management and cleanup of their stored data. If you have difficulty removing items from your storage, please contract FASRC for assistance.

* – We recognize that there will be rounding issues and FASRC will endeavor to round down so that the cost of allocations do not exceed the quoted yearly cost.

  • Billing is managed by the FIINE system
  • Billing occurs monthly and is based on the current total allocation for a lab divided by 12
  • The cutoff day for billing changes is the 15th of each month. Any changes made to allocation after that will be reflected on the following month’s bill
  • Your bill is not a tally of each user’s monthly usage, we bill based on total allocation, not usage
  • The service center is a Harvard-only internal service and requires 33 digit billing codes. It cannot create or use POs for billing
  • The breakdown in each bill will show which billing code each user is tied to. For some labs this will be the same string. For other labs, there may be multiple strings used
  • For billing questions, to change billing codes, or any other queries, email


Example allocation of 16TB of Tier 0 storage at $50 per TB per year
Total cost per year = $800

$4.16 per TB/month unit cost
Total billed per month= ~ $66.56


RC Storage billing is ready for John Harvard Lab for 7/2022.


The above link can be used to approve records or make adjustments. If you don’t approve or respond within 3 business days, the records will be considered approved. Please respond to RC Storage Billing if you have issues.


Usage Date User Storage Product Account Description Charge
1 07/2022 John Harvard holylfs05/tier0 370-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX (billing code attached to this allocation or user) $49.92 for 75% of 16TB of holylfs05/tier0 at $4.16 per TB (per month) $49.92
2 07/2022 Jill Harvard holylfs05/tier0 370-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX (billing code attached to this allocation or user) $16.64 for 25% of 16TB of holylfs05/tier0 at $4.16 per TB (per month) $16.64
Total (monthly charge) $66.56