Account confirmation email contents

If you did not receive or have lost the FASRC new account confirmation email, here is a copy of the contents to help you get started

The account you requested from Research Computing, with username ____ , has been created.
You will be unable to login until you reset your password via the RC password reset link:
If you requested access to the FASRC cluster, Spinal instruments, etc. you will be notified in a separate email when access is available. (Except where we are re-sending this email.)

Please be aware that you will be subscribed to our notifications mailing list. Membership in this list is a requirement for all account holders.

FASRC Cluster Accounts
Please see our Getting Started guides which contain instructions for VPN & authentication, running jobs, and the software available on the cluster.

Running Jobs:
Training options can be found on the RC Training Page:

Other Harvard FAS Research Computing accounts
For all other types of Harvard FAS Research Computing services (except Spinal), logins may prompt for a “Verification code”, which is a two-factor authentication method.
For more information and instruction, please see

Harvard FAS Research Computing VPN
If you are trying to access disk stores, or traveling and require the Harvard FAS Research Computing VPN, that can be accessed at

For other Harvard FAS Research Computing-related materials, please see our documentation and FAQs at

If you should have further questions, please contact us through our help page at:

Best regards,
Harvard FAS Research Computing