New England Research Cloud (NERC)

NERC, the New England Research Cloud (NERC), is operated by Harvard University Research Computing (URC) and Boston University Research Computing Services groups, and is part of the MOC-Alliance. NERC is a self-service cloud service available to many institutions in New England. Research groups can build out their own virtual machines (OpenStack) and data storage (NESE Ceph). The number and diversity of researchers in need of extensive computational capabilities is expanding, and the type of computation needed is shifting to require tools and elasticity that is best provided by cloud-native technologies rather than or in addition to traditional high-performance computing. 

Users and labs seeking cloud computing resources can and are encouraged to make use of NERC. While FASRC does not directly provide NERC services, FASRC users and labs are free to make use of their services for cloud computing needs.

NERC Links and Documentation

Need help or have questions?

Current NERC users or those with questions about the service should contact NERC via their online help system or by emailing