I am a PI. How can I see if I have account approvals pending?

You should receive an email for any account request requiring your approval, however, as we all know, email is sometimes unreliable. If you’d like to check for any pending approvals, here are the contents of that email (the links will always be the same). Please note that the new process (2021) uses Harvard Key authorization and, if you have not already, you will need to complete a quick on-boarding form in order to access this.

One or more RC access requests await your approval. Please visit the pending approvals link to accept or reject these requests.


This is a new link that requires a Harvard Key. If you do not have one, please contact RC Help.

If you have a Harvard Key but are denied access to the approval link, you may need to sign up with the FAS on-boarding tool.
On the Access Requests page, select “RC Request Approver”.

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