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SBGrid Software for Structural Biologists



The SBGrid Consortium makes available to its members for a fee a suite of software programs, both open source and commercial, for its structural biology members. These programs are now available on the FASRC cluster and are available for SBGrid members to use for HPC/HTC computations. If you are not yet a member and would like to use this software, please contact the SBGrid team.

Accessing the Software

To access the software, you must be a paying member of the SBGrid consortium. Submit a ticket to RCHelp requesting access. Once we verify with SBGrid support that your lab is a paying member, we will add you to the appropriate cluster group to access the software.

Using the Software

Once you’ve logged in to the cluster, enter

source /n/sw/sbgrid/programs/sbgrid.shrc

and the SGBrid programs will be put in your $PATH


Support from the SBGrid staff is a part of your membership fee. Please direct all question about SBGrid software to their support form.

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