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Manual OpenAuth Token Setup (advanced)

NOTE: These Are Advanced Instructions.
The instructions here do not generally apply to most users. See the OpenAuth page for normal setup. Please do not use the manual setup unless you truly need to or are sure this is what you desire.

If you prefer not to install our pre-configured client or you have a class account not tied to your email address, you can set up your OpenAuth token manually. This will require an OpenAuth token code which is either gained from:

  1. Your TA or instructor if you have been given a class account that is not tied to your email address.
  2. Logging into the OA page with your RC username and password, receiving an email with a link to the OA, and copying the code shown at the bottom of that page.

Download the non-configured client for your OS (Mac, Windows, Linux) here

Jauth on Github (Harvard Informatics)

Remember, you have to enter your secret token manually during installation when prompted for the Authentication Secret String. There is no token code embedded in these clients.


OSX Error Message
With the gui installer, Mac OSX 10.8 and above users may receive one of two error messages. In those cases you will need to open the app differently the first time you run it:

  • “JAuth OpenAuth Desktop Client Installer” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.”
    • Got to System Preferences and click Security & Privacy
    • If “Allow apps to be downloaded from” is grayed out, click the lock at bottom to unlock this pane.
    • Note what it’s currently set to and then change the option to ‘Anywhere’ and confirm the change when prompted.
    • Run the installer now (and click Open or OK when dialogue pops up).
    • Once complete, go back to the Security & Privacy pane and change the setting back to its previous setting.
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