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Macaulay2 is a  algebraic geometry and commutative algebra software. Its creation and development has been funded by the National Science Foundation since 1992.

Macaulay2 on the cluster

Macaulay2 is available on the cluster via Singularity containers. We recommend working on a compute node. You can get to a compute node by requesting an interactive job. For example

salloc --partition test --time 01:00:00 --cpus-per-task 4 --mem-per-cpu 2G

You can pull (i.e. download) a container with the command

singularity pull docker://unlhcc/macaulay2:latest

Start a shell inside the Singularity container

singularity shell macaulay2_latest.sif

The prompt will change to Singularity>. Then, type M2 to start Macualay2. You should see a prompt with i1:

Singularity> M2
Macaulay2, version 1.15
--storing configuration for package FourTiTwo in /n/home01/jharvard/.Macaulay2/init-FourTiTwo.m2
--storing configuration for package Topcom in /n/home01/jharvard/.Macaulay2/init-Topcom.m2
with packages: ConwayPolynomials, Elimination, IntegralClosure, InverseSystems, LLLBases, PrimaryDecomposition, ReesAlgebra, TangentCone,

i1 :

For examples, we recommend visiting Macaulay2 documentation.


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