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License Server

FASRC maintains one or more FlexNet (aka FlexLM) license servers for managing floating software licenses on the cluster and some tertiary systems. This server(s) can only be accessed while on the Harvard network (from the cluster, campus wired network, or VPN).

On the cluster, each module application that requires a license will have license location information built in and requires no additional setup to use.

For applications not served via cluster modules, you may need to know specific license server and port information. For software downloaded from FASRC, that information should appear on the page from which you downloaded the application.


Q: Is the FASRC license server network restricted?
A: Yes. Our license server(s) can only be accessed while on the Harvard network or via the VPN.

Q: Can you host my license?
A: This may be possible, but only if:

  • it is a FlexNet license
  • it has more than one seat
  • you do not need to modify/administer its use
  • you do not need to access it from systems not on the campus wired network or VPN

You would still be responsible for renewing the license, adding any additional seats, and providing us with updated license files. We do not monitor hosted licenses for expiration or seat exhaustion. Please send FASRC a ticket (via Portal or Email) with information about your Flex license and its intended use. Please note that we can only limit license access by membership in a lab or other access group.

Q: Can you help me with a SEAS Abaqus, COMSOL, or Lumerical desktop license?
A: The SEAS applications Abaqus, COMSOL, and Lumerical are only available on the FASRC cluster. Desktop or stand-alone versions are not supported or offered by FASRC or SEAS.

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