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Julia Programming Language


Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing. It has syntax that is familiar to users of many other technical computing environments. Designed at MIT to tackle large-scale partial-differential equation simulations and distributed linear algebra, Julia features a robust ecosystem of tools for optimization, statistics, parallel computing, and data visualization. Julia is actively developed by teams at MIT and in industry, along with hundreds of domain-expert scientists and programmers from around the world on JuliaLang.


Julia can be easily installed by following the instructions on for a Unix-type system or Windows. You can install Julia locally on the cluster using the command for the Unix-type system. The default location for the installation is $HOME. The command will also add Juliaup initialization in your ~/.bashrc, which will add the executable julia to your $PATH and make it available for you to use using command line interface (CLI).


To get started with Julia on the Harvard University FAS cluster you can try the examples shown on our User Codes repository.


The Julia Programming Language
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