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Transferring files to DATA.RC

Users of the server have three options for doing so. Please note that if you choose option 2, the settings for FTP/S are not the same as for regular SFTP settings you might use to transfer files to other servers.

The connection methods in order of preference:

  1. Via Web browser – This is the default means of accessing data.rc


  2. Filezilla (If you don’t have Filezilla installed, download here)
    • Open ‘Site Manager’ (screenshot) in Filezilla and create a New Site
      Protocol: SFTP
      Logon Type: Interactive
      User: [your RC username]
      Click the Transfer tab and check the Limit number of simultaneous connections box and set Maximum number of connections to “1”.(screenshot)
    • Click Connect to connect now, or OK if you’re setting up for later use


  3. Map a drive to the share (Drive mapping instructions).
    Note: This may be the easiest method, but it is also often the slowest method.
    \\\data (Windows)
    smb:// (Mac)
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