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SEAS Abaqus module

You can find the version(s) of Abaqus available on the cluster via our Portal Modules Page.

Please follow the usage instructions located on the SEAS Abaqus wiki. Be aware that the number of available seats for this license is very limited. See that page for more info.

Please note: The Abaqus license is restricted to SEAS and requires membership in the seas group when logged into Odyssey. You can view your groups using the id command:

$ id
uid=12345(jharvard) groups=34540(cluster_users),34739(seas)

If you are sponsored by a faculty member listed on the SEAS Faculty page but do not have  membership in theseas group, please fill out a RT Help Ticket. 

Abaqus Desktop

FASRC does not provide/support the desktop version of Abaqus. Please contact SEAS IT regarding personal computer versions/licensing.

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