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IQSS: Specify Resources for SAS on CANNON or FASSE

The dashboards on CANNON and FASSE let you run SAS with a GUI [Graphical User Interface].  This document covers the resources that are specific to the application.

For information about the resources that are common to any application (Partition, Memory, Cores, runtime, and GPUs), please see IQSS: How to Specify Resources and Choose a Cluster Partition.

Getting Started tip:  The settings you specified the last time you launched the application are saved and appear as “defaults” when you return to the page.

Cluster resources that are specific to SAS

Here are the cluster resource options and any IQSS “Getting Started” recommendations for SAS:


The Resolution option is only available on CANNON.

SAS resolution

Specify the size of the GUI (Graphical User Interface) — width and height — in pixels (“px”).

The Reset Resolution button reverts the values to some previous setting.

Getting Started tip:  A width of 1024 and a height of 768 are a reasonable place to start.  If your display/monitor is capable of more, feel free to choose higher values.

This article on Wikipedia lists historical and common display resolutions.

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