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Getting Help with Sid

Sid is a service providing high performance computing resources to Social Scientists at IQSS and the larger community at Harvard University.

How to know if you’re using Sid

If your dashboard  looks like this, you’re using Sid:

Sid dashboard


The FASRC Cluster provides an alternate user interface to Sid.  If you see this, you’re using the FASRC interface, not Sid:

Cannon Dashobard



Self-Help Documentation

Documentation for sid can be found here:

Opening a ticket

Create a help ticket by sending email to:

To help IQSS Support better help you, when submitting a ticket, be specific about the system and/or resource you’re having trouble with. A good guideline for your ticket description is to consider the who, what, where, when, and why of your problem. The more targeted your description, the faster support can diagnose and resolve the issue.



Sid applications run on the FASRC Cluster.  The many ways to get help with cluster related questions are documented here:



IQSS users should contact IQSS Client Support Services at for issues unrelated to Sid and the FASRC Cluster.


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