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Complimentary software modules based on EasyBuild

NOTE: After the next maintenance on June 10-12th 2019, EasyBuild will be added to all user environments.
For best interoperability of EasyBuild based modules with existing software modules, please usecomplete module names and versions, to make sure the correct software modules are loaded in your user environment.
e.g., module load intel/17.0.4-fasrc01
If you are currently using module load intel it will load intel from EasyBuild space and break your workflow.
To enhance the support of scientific software on the Research Computing cluster and provide a better experience for the supercomputing user community, we have introduced complimentary software modules based on the EasyBuild framework. These new software modules supplement the existing Lmod modules and are intended to provide faster deployment and availability on the Research Computing infrastructure, thus enhancing research productivity. Specific improvements in the software environment include:
  • Faster deployment of software applications (from the time of submitting a software installation request to deployment)
  • Automated software installations
  • Modules automatically load all required dependencies
  • Faster reinstallation of software when upgrading the cluster OS
  • A large number of supported software (EasyBuild supports over 1200 software packages)

You will notice many new scientific software applications, libraries and visualization tools, such as:

  • CP2K
  • Quantum Espresso
  • Siesta
  • OpenFOAM
  • PETSc
  • Boost
  • GDAL
  • ParaView
  • VisIt
Note: You can currently use the above software by adding the following to your user environment. You can add the line below to ~/.bashrc to use the modules listed above: export MODULEPATH=$MODULEPATH:/n/sw/eb/modulefiles/centos7/Core
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